The Oscar winner of the Academy in Hollywood, Anthony Quinn, had a connection to olive growing from a very young age. This Mexican actor emigrated to California, USA with his family when he was only five years old. Immersed in poverty, he began working as a laborer and olive harvester on an olive farm in order to help his family financially.

He kept this job until his teenage years. When he entered those years,  he became interested in art, architecture and acting, which he dedicated the rest of his life to.

Despite leaving the olive groves, he always maintained his passion for olive trees and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This was demonstrated in the 60s, when he shot several films in Greece. With this, he exposed the world to a country with traditions and a culture that give a great importance to olive oil.

It was in 1999 while he had been filming a series of three episodes on the «Camino de Santiago,« when he first made contact with Spanish EVOO, its traditions and customs. In that moment, he fell in love with Spain.

Anthony had 12 children with four different women. His his last child was born when he was 81 years old, He attributed this strength, youth and vitality in his later days to his diet, which was rich in EVOO.