One of the works of the famous writer Julio Verne, one of the precursors of science fiction, and the adventure novel, recounts on a trip to the center of the earth, like Axel, along with his uncle Otto, a prestigious professor of mineralogy. They go into an odyssey and unique adventure that will take them to the center of the Earth.

For this they have the indications offered by the runic parchment and with the help of Hans, a professional eiderduck hunter.

From Iceland, they undertake the trip, passing through Reykjavik, where they enter through one of the chimneys of a volcano, which the alchemist of the parchment indicated.

After surprising adventures and challenges, they manage to enter the crater and descend thousands of leagues inland in search of the center of the Earth. They will cross wells, caverns, tunnels, sloping slopes of dry lava, storms and hurricanes that lead them to know mushroom forests, skeletons of the Quaternary era, sea monsters and infinity unimaginable images.

Then, the eruption of a volcano that causes them to emerge from the crater through its hole and take them to an unknown place happens.

Stunned by the clarity they had not experienced for months and the suffocating heat of their semi-naked bodies, they could see that there were trees under the mountain where they had landed. It was a place covered with rich trees among which there were olives, figs and vines covered with delicious purple clusters.

In search of their survival, they decided to move away from the crater of the volcano and enter the charming and appetizing forest that was glimpsed from the distance, in search of food. Not only could they satisfy their need for food, but they describe the pleasant sensation of feeling surrounded by a charming landscape full of olive trees, pomegranates and vines.

Once recovered, and thanks to the presence of olive trees, they managed to discover that they were on Stromboli Island. They discovered that they had traveled more than 3000 kilometers through the interior of the earth, traveling from the gloomy and cold region of Iceland to the heart of the most beautiful and warm region in the world, which was surrounded by olive trees.