The love of olive oil from the English royal family dates back to the XVII century at least, though it might go back even further.

As is said, in the XVII century a special olive oil was created for the kings of the United Kingdom. The fundamental basis is extra virgin olive oil, combined with other oils and fragrances. The recipe has been kept secret ever since and it has remained hidden in Westminster Abbey. This has come to light thanks to a BBC documentary about the royal family where, Queen Elizabeth II in person, explains how the rite of her coronation occurred. In this ceremony, she was anointed with olive oil, in absolute privacy, according to the rite of their ancestors.

Such is the devotion, that the garden of Buckingham Palace has several olive trees, which are the favorite trees of the Queen. She walks around them quite frequently.

One of the secrets of the excellent condition of the Queen of England (92 years old) and her husband, Philip of Edinburgh (97 years old), is also linked to Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They both take it daily, in tablespoons or in small glasses. They have known about the benefits of this superfood for a long time. They have taken it regularly throughout their lives and, in view of this, the benefits are clearer than ever.

For all this, and by adding the complex negotiations with the EU for Brexit and possible economic repercussions, the concern for the potential supply of Olive Oil to the United Kingdom is growing. However, as indicated in the article published by Mercacei yesterday (link), a transition period has been proposed to take place until December 31, 2020, where exports / imports will not be affected; in addition to maintaining a permanent agreement as to border the EU, so as not to damage the relations between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Therefore, the royal family will still be able to enjoy EVOO for its consumption as well as cherish it as one of the oldest traditions in the country.