This strategic alliance between ec2ce and Juan Vilar Consultores Estratégicos will bring together algorithmic tools, knowledge and experience to create a mechanism that predicts gauges and price trends in the olive oil processing sector.

ec2ce, a company dedicated to predictive agriculture, and Juan Vilar Consultores Estratégicos have combined their knowledge and experience to work together in developing a software that can predict what the price of olive oil will be in the future.

The company ec2ce is made up of mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists and agronomists specialized in the development of predictive models for the agricultural sector, allowing them to anticipate decisions and thus improve results and profits. With clients in several countries, its technology is considered as one of the best in the world by specialized consultants.

In addition to ec2ce’s expertise in trend prediction and forecasting tools, Juan Vilar Consultores Estratégicos, a company made up of experts in agriculture, management, analysis, etc., with extensive experience in the olive oil sector, is also part of the ec2ce team. This company works nationally and internationally, and offers its services to companies and public institutions.

The collaboration of both companies will allow their customers to have the best market evolution forecasts based on mathematical tools that are developed under their own software together with the experience and capacity of analysis and valuation of results of the best experts in the sector.

Both companies are already testing the initial results of their collaboration and will provide a service that incorporates information in its forecasts on climate, worldwide olive oil and other oils and fats production and consumption, prices and trends of other oils, stocks, etc. This will all be done by algorithms that operate in real time.


In this way, a selected number of partners in the sector will have a tool, one  based on data, that will allow them to optimize operations based on objective results.