EVOO, the healthiest vegetable fat on the planet, is synonymous with excellence and health nowadays.

Since antiquity, Romans, Phoenicians and Muslims have used EVOO in two different ways – gastronomically and as a method of disease prevention. This makes the Mediterranean basin, where the main fat in the diet is EVOO, have a lower percentage of people with coronary diseases, cancer and other diseases.

Nowadays, there are statistics and scientific research that show the numerous civilizations that included olive oil in their diet. It is an undeniable source of health. The reason for this is its composition, monounsaturated oleic fatty acids and more than 230 minority compounds – squalene, simple phenols (hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol), secoiridoids (oleuropein), lignans (acetoxipinoresinol and pinoresinol), flavones, pigments (chlorophylls and pheophytins), beta-carotene, alpha-tocopherol or vitamins A and E. All of them are responsible for generating a variety of benefits, such as protection against the development of cardiovascular diseases. Due to its anti-inflammatory qualities it is able to delay the development of atherosclerosis and reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol. Not only that, it prevents the onset of cancers and diabetes, slows macular degeneration, favors better digestion by stimulating the gallbladder, protects against gastritis or ulcers, promotes intestinal transit, helps against cellular aging, delays the onset of neurodegenerative diseases, prevents the cognitive deterioration of old age and hydrates and tones the skin and reduces the risk of depression. The benefits it gives to the body are almost uncountable as you see.

In addition to these multiple benefits, the normal consumption of EVOO extends life by 20%. This has been shown in the UJA, which has found a positive effect of the compound on longevity.

These are some of the many reasons why experts recommend that you consume extra virgin olive oil on a daily basis. This alone is capable of reducing mortality by 30%. EVOO has always been, and will continue to be responsible for us living longer and better lives.