Ronda, the capital of the the mountain range that bears its name, is one of the most unique corners of the province of Malaga. It has been the mother city of numerous illustrious artists:  poets, writers, guitarists, singers and masters of bullfighting. This is why Goyesque bullfights are so important here. They are internationally recognized because of Antonio Ordoñez Arauco, the son of the Niño de Palma, who was an inspiration for Hemingway in his first bullfighting novel.

The great-grandson of these illustrious bullfighters is Fran Rivera. He is in love with Ronda, and is very proud of his roots. He debuted in the bullring here with Caballos in 1992 and finished his career in 2017. He is currently a businessman working for the city bullring.

Rivera has a deep affection for the city, an affection so deep that, he not only works for others at the bullring, but employs others who live there. He is the owner of the El Vinculo Olive Oil Mill. It is one of the five artisan mills still operating in the Serrania de Ronda that produced EVOO in a purely artisan way.

The El Vinculo Olive Oil Mill, located at the foothills of the Serrania, which was formerly the border between Muslims and Christians in the past. There are many centenary olive trees surrounding this place. Here, a treaty between Muslims and Christians was signed. Therefore, the land and olive oil mill here are a link (in Spanish,  un vinculo is a way to say a link) between the two civilizations. This is why the oil mill has its current name.

The EVOO that is produced here comes from olive trees of the Manzanilla and Lechín variety. The trees owners, Los Urriti, have been taking care of and handling them with great care since 1755 to produce what is undoubtedly one of the best handmade EVOO in the Serranía de Ronda.