Although our job is to support, help and contribute to the improvement of organizations, whether they are companies or institutions, located within or outside Spain, we also want to collaborate through the development and spreading knowledge to improve the sector. We would like to spread this message to all people who in one way or another are linked to it in the 14 countries on 5 continents that we serve. It is not easy to get it right without learning and growing.

During the last 12 months, our work has been present in informative, scientific and specialized media in 30 countries of the 5 continents. Through creating and spreading knowledge.  Among the press we have received, we have been on television in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, and Germany, among other means of communication.

We are sending the culture, and the philosophy of this way of life all over the planet.

We have been read, interviewed, mentioned, studied, analyzed, cited, and our data has been used publically (we have not taken into account the mentions to our data that have been made explicitly, but ones that were not linked to it, nor those that attribute it to us, but is not ours) in France, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom, Chile, United States, Australia, Turkey, Germany, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, China, and Israel. More than 30 countries from 5 continents.

We appreciate the attention that we have been given.  We also are grateful for the evaluations of our work, which in most cases have been positive. We will continue to commit ourselves to keep trying to make an impact like we have done up until the present.

Some links and quotes. We can’t mention everyone, excuse me.


– Revista Oleum Xauen

– Servicios Juan Vilar Consultores Estratégicos – Revista ProtoPro – Septiembre 2019

– Olivar 360 – Cadena COPE

– Revista Horticuluta – nº 344 

– Olimerca – Septiembre 2019

– Cadena COPE regional – Varios – Segundo trimestre 2019

– Semanal Mercacei – Especial

– Horticultura Internacional – Especial leñosos – Octubre

– Conoce la finca de olivar más grande del planeta en una sola linde con detalle – Mercacei –  primer trimestre 2019

– Med Mag Oliva – Argelia – Primer trimestre 2019

– Especial Campaña – Olimerca –  2019

– Especial Packaging – Olio Officina Magazine – Italia –  2019

– Artículo «Olivicultura internacional» – Revista Oleo –  2019

– ANUARIO AOVE ESPAÑOL 2019 – Revista Almaceite –  EXPOLIVA 2019



Francia: – Tresor   –Olive oil World  – Jusd’olive

Italia: – Gambero Rosso

Portugal: –Agricultura e mar   –TDS

España: – Mercacei  –The Olive Press

Chile: – Portal del campo

EE.UU.: – Olive Oil Times

Australia: – Olive Industry Network

Alemania: – DW

Grecia: – Anatoah

China: – Oilcn

Pakistan: –Pakistan defence

Japón: – j-oli