Jeffs, bishop and leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), had been arrested a year earlier, following a police operation against the multi-million dollar network of the polygamist sect along with 10 other high-ranking members of the illegal organization. However, he continued to manage the community’s operations from jail.

All of those arrested served their time, except for Jeff, who, after two weeks of being released from prison, but under house arrest pending trial, has escaped. According to FBI sources, he has removed the GPS system attached to his ankle with the help of Olive Oil.

On the day of his escape, agents had spotted a Ford Mustang outside Jeff’s home. Later, with the vehicle absent, and after checking the GPS for little movement, despite continuing the signal inside the home, they went inside to check on the prisoner’s condition. To their surprise, they found the GPS anklet on the floor, soaked in olive oil. It was then that they realized that the victim was missing.

He is currently in search and capture, with the aggravating factor of being considered armed and dangerous.

With this action, a new use of Olive Oil is discovered, this time as a guarantor of freedom.

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