Before becoming a food entrepreneur, Paul Newman was one of the great movie stars of all time. And years later he won new admirers thanks to his charitable work. His Newman’sOwnFoundation, which still funds programs for children with disabilities and philanthropic activities, only subsists on the profits of the food companies created by the actor. In total, it has supported social works worth 390 million euros since its inception.

Newman’sOwn, began its journey through a salad dressing created by hand by Paul Newman himself, and he originally gave it to his family, friends and neighbors. One of his neighbors, who at the time owned a catering company, organized a blind tasting, and Newman’s dressing got the highest vote. This, along with other similar incentives, led Newman to create the company with his friend, the writer to AE Hotchner. The first year they made a profit of $ 832,000, and since then, at Paul’s request, profits have been fully donated to organizations charities.

This “marvelous dressing” was created with extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality, and is still being marketed individually today.