Cleopatra VII was the last queen of the Ancient Egypan Empire. She was a young woman who, at 18 years of age, inherited the throne of Egypt from her parents, Cleopatra V and Ptolemy the XIIth. This pharaoh, to whom great beauty and skill in seducon is aributed, had a strictly Greek educaon. With this, she was able to dominate more than five languages, among them Aramaic and Lan.

Cleopatra was also instructed in literature, music, polics, mathemacs, astronomy and medicine, which is another one of the reasons for why this bold woman managed to govern a discontented village for several decades.

Thanks to her upbringing, the worry for beauty and for surrounding herself with the best scholars of her me, allowed her to create different creams, remedies and useful devices that are sll in use today, though they have been improved by the passage of me and technology.

Among her known secrets reported in different papyruses rescued from archaeological excavaons, several formulae based on olive oil or olives is found.

  • –  Cleopatra put on a mask to moisturize and get rid of wrinkles. For its producon, cucumbers in tracks, cream of well-trodden milk, olive oil and honey were used.
  • –  In addion, in order to support her so skin, she used a cream created by her based in honey, sodium bicarbonate, sea salt and olive oil, which turned out to be an excellent exfoliant.
  • –  Body exfoliant made from olive pits. Aer grinding a handful of olive pits, the mixture was applied on the dry zones of the skin using circular movements. By eliminang dead cells, the skin stayed so and hydrated.

    This is only a small list of the daily acons that Cleopatra carried out to maintain her beauty, a beauty that dazzled an empire and that is sll idolized today.