One of the most recognized scenes in the history of cinema takes place at Rick’s Café. Enjoying the melody of Sam and his white piano, Ilsa and Rick were reunited while the rest of the attendees were tasting a menu infused with EVOO in the next room.

Being one of the greatest romantic dramas in the history of cinema, it is ranked third in the top 100 films that everyone should see, according to the American Film Institute. It is second only to The Citizen and The Godfather.

In order to set up the scene of Casablanca, during the filming the Mediterranean diet was incorporated into its Moroccan form –  with anchovies, argan, capers, condiments, fish and seafood, fresh fruit, herbs, meat and chicken, olives and olive oil, lemon preserves, figs and dried dates, saffron, spices and vegetables. This reflects the color, exuberance, refinement, sumptuousness, and variety of the country itself.  The cast members and other staff enjoyed all of this color, taste and great work being involved in one of the 5 most important films of all time.


After the international success of the film, many tourists went to the city of Casablanca in Morocco, although the film was shot entirely in Hollywood. Such was the influx of tourists that the municipality built two bars in front of the square: the Rchi Bar and the Blue Parrot, with their menus including EVOO and serving Gin and Tonic in the purest Casablanca style, for the amusement of its tourists.