Hawaii is one of the states of the United States where there are olive groves. This is the fruit of the Mediterranean roots of its owner, who loved olive growing and wanted to share one of the greatest treasures of his native land, olive trees.Since he started, he cultivated more than 20 varieties among his 5000 olive trees, sharing the beneficial qualities of his elixir, EVOO,with the native Hawaiians.

When Dana Bergman learned of the existence of this Hawaiian EVOO, she did not hesitate to undertake and materialize what she had been dreaming of for some time, to open a specialized store in EVOOs. Her long trips through Mediterranean countries aroused her curiosity about olive oil, which has led her to be a great lover of EVOO.

In her EVOO boutique, Island Olive Oil, located in Honolulu, there is a wide range of EVOOs from different places such as Spain, Greece, Portugal, Sicily and Tunisia. All of the oils are certified and each one gives off different sensory characteristics, with distinct nuances among which are fresh grass, tomato, fig, almond, banana and picante among others. As is with wine, Bergman aims to teach her customers that EVOO is a seasonal, living, dynamic product that varies according to the variety from which it comes, the place where it is grown, as well as in the container where it is stored.

At Island Olive Oil, all oils are stored in stainless steel containers to preserve all their organoleptic qualities intact. Also, all oils contain a corresponding label showing the origin, variety, and grinding date. The customer can taste the oil, choose the one they likes best and make their own blend if they wish.

In addition to the island’s freshest EVOOs, this boutique offers balsamic vanilla, orange and pomegranate vinegar, plus oils flavored with true black truffle inside, which can be purchased for $13 a bottle of 60 ml. These are all delicacies, not too far from all the variety of EVOOs, which can be purchased in the store.

Thanks to boutiques like this and true lovers of olive oil, EVOO has spread to numerous corners of the planet. Let us all cherish EVOO, a delicacy that always takes care of you.