Abe Simpson, 91, has an incredible vitality, although he shows certain signs of his age. The youthfulness in him can be attributed to, among other things, his love for consuming Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In the city of Springfield, you can find an Olive Oil & Bowties shop. This is a shop that combines health products and fashionable products, which are both timeless. In the United States, olive oil and bow ties are understood as being prestigious products for consumption, as being gifts and as being used for enjoyment, among other things.

In this scene in the 13th episode of season 29 of the well-known series of The Simpsons, we can see the famous family circulating through the streets of the famous city. While they are passing by the luxurious shop of Olive Oil and Bow Ties, Bart begins to stare and then recalls the two products that characterized his grandfather.

Abraham «Abe» Jebediah Simpson, better known as the grandfather, is a fictional character from the cartoon television series The Simpsons. In the thousandth issue of Entertainment Weekly, Abe Simpson was selected as the grandfather for «the perfect television family.»