Under the direction of the professor of the UJA, María Jesús Hernández, and the Strategic Consultant and permanent professor on leave of absence of the UJA Juan Vilar, the Master in Administration and Management of Olive Companies returns, and within the module 1: ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE, the first master classes have been carried out.

The Master’s Degree in Administration and Management of Olive Companies will be awarded by the University of Jaén, and has already been taken by more than 110 people, all of them already working.

The program in previous editions was sponsored by Antonio Gallego, president of the MIGASA Group, Juan Ramón Guillén, president of ACESUR, and Antonio Luque, president of DCOOP.

In this case, there were three exceptional speakers, on the one hand, Rubén Garzón, CEO of Garzón Green Energy, as well as a former student of the master, spoke about the optimization and valorization of by-products in the olive oil processing sector, and how these additional products resulting from the process contribute to the improvement of the net income of the mills, and therefore of the farmers, providing the sector with a greater range of competitiveness. He also pointed out the different technological ways available to achieve this goal.

For his part, Cristobal Sanchez, delegate of the southern area of Agromillora, expressed the versatility that currently exists when it comes to planting olive groves in hedgerows, and the alternatives offered in terms of genetic and varietal innovation, among them spoke of the ability that these new varieties have for dry farming, higher yields, anticipation, or delay of the moment of veraison, etc. all as a way to improve competitiveness within the olive oil processing sector.

To conclude, Rafael Peralta, economist, Manager at PERABER ASESORES. Specializing in Cooperatives and Bankruptcy, who showed that the specificity of the cooperative field in terms of taxation, provides a whole range of flexibilities that allow a more efficient management of resources, thus improving the competitiveness of farmers and, therefore, their net income.

Among others, the professors are María Jesús Hernández, Professor of the UJA; Manuel Parras, Professor of the UJA; Macario Cámara, Professor of the UJA; Sonia Sánchez, Professor of the UJA, Manuel Carlos Vallejo, Professor of the UJA; Elia García, Professor of the UJA, and a long etc. of experienced professors of the first order.

As teachers of Master Class will be counted, among others, with: Antonio Luque, President of Dcoop; Álvaro Martínez, President of GEA Iberia; Luis Torres, General Manager of MAEVA; David Castro, CFO of De Prado, Álvaro Olavarría, General Manager of Oleoestepa; Eduardo Valverde, Manager of Conde de Benalúa (SCA San Sebastián).