The presentation of the manual, International Olive Growing: Worldwide Anaylsis and Summary, or in Portuguese A Olivicultura Internacional Difusao historica, análise estratégica e visao descripctiva took place last Tuesday on the 25th of November. This makes it the 5th edition of the manual now that it has been translated in Portuguese.

On this historic and unique occasion, the book was presented in unison in two of the most influential, Portuguese-speaking countries in regards to olive growing on the planet.  Dr. Juan Vilar from Juan Vilar Consultores estratégicos presented this manual in Beja (Portugal), while Dr. Jorge Enrique Pereira did it in Bagé (Brazil).

Both events were attended by various representatives from different public institutions, businessmen and women and professionals from the olive oil sector, who were very pleased to have been presented with the manual.

The manual, edited by la Fundación Caja Rural, and prefaced by Abdellatif Ghedira, the executive director of The International Olive Oil Council, is product of the collaboration and contribution given by numerous authors from different parts of the planet. These contributors, who all have first hand experience in the sector, have turned this book into a truly unique, updated compilation of all the facts and figures from the international olive oil sector, which included 64 olive oil producing countries in the world in total.

This manual has been translated into 6 languages, and has been edited in 5. It has been presented in many different parts of the planet such as Spain, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, and most recently, Portugal and Brazil.

This Portuguese edition was assisted by Crédito Agrícola from Beja and Mertola, and the association OLIVUM, which brought together the main farmers from Alentejo, Portugal. Undoubtedly, Portugal has converted into one of the most impressive olive growing countries in the modern olive oil sector, and this book will only help it keep its position on the map.

At the end of the day, this manual is a must for those who work and make up this international sector.