The famous British musician Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, also known as Sting, was a bass player and singer of the band The Police and a later solo artist of his own band. As a member of his group, when he was solo, he was awarded numerous prizes such as the Grammy Awards, Golden Globes and Platinum records, among others. Sting has succeeded as a solo artist, multiplying the success he had already achieved as a member of the group. This success may be attributed to his second wife, Trudie Styler, who was a film producer at the end of the the 20thcentury. The couple acquired a villa in Tuscany in the village of Il Palagio, which is a Florentine Renaissance village located in the town of Fligine Valdarno just 30 minutes from the famous Florence.

The villa consists of 350 hectares of land and a luxurious palace from the sixteenth century. On the land, they grow grapes vines that produce exquisite and successful wines such as Sistermoon, Message in a bottle andCasino dellevie.Also, they make honey of different types including acacia, a thousand flowers, forest, and chestnut.  And, last but not least, they have centenarian olive trees that produce the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Il Palagio.

The villa belonged to the Duke Simone Vincenzo Velluti Zati of San Clemente and the singer restored it with great care. He restored everything including its different rooms, sheds, farms, carpentry workshop and country house. Also, different houses and luxurious spaces have been built, in which the visitor can stay and enjoy this colonial villa. Here you can hold events, go horseback riding, visit the winery, attend yoga classes, and go to cooking classes where you will learn to make typical Tuscan dishes or simply enjoy the sunsets between the cultivated vineyards and olive groves, cypresses and oak forests, with the incredible Apennines in the distance.

The singer spends long periods of time in the village.  At 68 years of age, Sting has stated that picking olives and consuming his own EVOO is a form of therapy for him. To this we must add that there are fans of his who come to the village in the olive campaign, and for a small fee, can work and be in the presence of their idol. Therefore, these loyal fans ultimately save the singer substantial costs in olive harvesting season.

And it all happens under the Tuscan sun.