Now it might seem normal, because there are many different Spanish olive oil mills with this denomination, but in this case it is a possible miracle. The statue of Mary, which was created in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe and can be found in the Catholic church of Hobbs in Lea County, New Mexico in the United States, cries tears of Olive Oil and smells of roses.

The bishop of the diocese, Oscar Cantú, shared his account of the tears. His analysis has been clear and decisive: the tears are of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and have a scent of roses.

Several tests have been done to the statue itself, both from the inside and the outside. They have shown the statue to be normal and hallow, and no strange or alien elements have been found.

The tests also involved the sculpture’s manufacturer, which insisted that no Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used in any of the production phases. Therefore, this liquid could not be used in such processes. When one models bronzes, or uses certain waxes, they carry this out at very high temperatures. They melt all the compounds of the mold and do not leave any moisture or any other fluid in the final product.

However, the church staff is still determining if this is a miraculous act of God, or something that is man-made and fabricated.