Time, a physical quantity with which we measure the duration or separation of events, is measured through watch. There have been infinite types of watches used over time –  sand, water or clepsydra, air, sun, analog, digital, wrist, pocket – they all have the same function, but not all of them provide the same value.

Richard Mille, the founder of the luxury watch brand Richard Mille brings added value to the watches he makes. He adds exclusivity. None of his watches are a standard, all of them go through an exhaustive control throughout the design and manufacturing process, so that the result is perfect. The only thing that is out of his control is the cost of the watch. It ranges from between 120,000 euros and 1.5 million euros. Also, he never manufactures more than 200 units per model.

One of his clients, to whom Mille has great admiration for as a person and athlete, is Rafa Nadal. Nadal was robbed of an RM027, the lightest tourbillon in the world, which was valued at more than 500,000 euros.

Mille, a parte de crear y diseñar exclusivos relojes de lujo, tiene como afición coleccionar automóviles clásicos y coches de fórmula uno,  es un apasionado de los barcos de vela y los yates de lujo. De entre en sus sueños, está el poder crear el coche más emocionante del planeta y vivir en España, concretamente en Jaén, rodeado del horizonte de mar de olivos el que lleva como emblema el diamante que de ellos se produce, el AOVE. Mille amante de la perfección, asegura que el AOVE responde a todos los valores por los que él trabaja, siendo un alimento complejo, natural, saludable y muy cercano a la perfección.

Mille, apart from creating and designing exclusive luxury watches, is a fan of collecting classic cars and Formula One cars. Also, he is passionate about sailing boats and luxury yachts. Another one of his dreams, is to be able to create the most exciting car on the planet and live in Spain. Specifically he wishes to live in Jaén, which is surrounded by a sea of ​​olive trees, trees which carry a particular gold in them, EVOO. Mille, who is a lover of perfection, swears that EVOO is the answer to all the values ​​for which he works –  being complex, natural, healthy and very close to perfection.