Central Park, located in Manhattan, is one of the most emblematic places in New York City. It is an urban park with a total area of 340 hectares, which makes it one of the highest visited parks in the United States with the number of visits amounting to more than 37 million visits a year.

When talking about Central Park, it is worth talking about the great size of its perimeter, amounting to about 10 km of length. This attracts cyclists, runners and skaters. In addition it has two skating rinks, different areas to practice sports activities and some famous monuments like Belvedere Castle, Bethesda and the Strawberry Fields building (which is in honor of legendary singer John Lennon). There are also several large artificial lakes which are magnificent for migrating birds, making it an excellent place for bird watchers.

Central Park, one of the largest green spaces in the Big Apple, generates an immense urban biodiversity. It has 250,000 trees planted along its vast valleys, where more than 280 birds species live. Not only that, there are 80,000 fish living in Lake Harlem Meer. Lastly, more than 300 different species of animals have been identified up to date, with a new genus of centipede being discovered in the park recently.

In total there are 250,000 trees in the park, where numerous trees and shrubs exist such as elm trees, chestnut trees, cork oaks, maple trees, beech trees, cedars, pines, cypresses, cherry trees, walnut trees, redwoods, oaks, oaks, willows. The park could not be lacking the presence of olive trees. There are 60 wild olive trees (Olea Europea, subespecie guanchica)in this emblematic park

 of large size distributed throughout its extension and green area. However, the way they got there is still an enigma. One of the hypotheses is that the first one was planted, while the rest were the result of the distribution of pits on behalf of the birds that spit them out after having eaten the fruit. The only certainty is that the 5 dozen wild olive trees there represent international olive growing in this mythical park.