The well-known Australian actor, who turns 50 today, has always taken special care of his body and has been concerned about maintaining a healthy diet. In order to do this, he eliminated all the processed foods from his diet and began to consume foods that come directly from the earth and that are as close as possible to their original and natural state. Therefore, fresh vegetables, animal proteins, healthy fats such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and small amounts of dry fruits and seeds are the basis of his daily diet.

The World Health Organization recommends a healthy lifestyle that combines physical activities such as walking, running and riding a bike with having a balanced diet that consists of the intake of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day limiting the consumption of added sugars and saturated fats. These recommendations are thoroughly carried out by Hugh Jackman. He consumes Extra Virgin Olive Oil in different meals on a daily basis, which he really loves.


This balanced diet, daily training and meditation, along with the consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, has allowed him to look the way he does today. This healthy lifestyle contributed to him being considered as one of the most attractive actors on the planet. All of this led him to taking the role as the most famous character in the Marvel world’s movie “Wolverine”, which is his most well-known character.