The recipes that are considered the greatest are those that are passed on from parents to children, and from grandparents to grandchildren. They contain specific sets of ingredients and the exact instructions on how to process them. This is one of the best inheritances anyone could be given.

This is the case of David Quartaro, a third generation Italian American. His grandfather is like many other Italians who emigrated to the United States in search of opportunities. As an Italian, he took the tradition of his land with him and these traditions were rooted in the place where he settled.

His grandfather settled in Texas in a city near Houston called Dickinson. This is where he created his own Sicilian food restaurant. Here, traditional Sicilian dishes were made with the greatest possible care and the best of all ingredients: EVOO.

Quartaro’s grandfather held onto one of his secret recipes, his olive dressing. Luckily, he was able to pass this on to David before he passed away in 2014. David commemorates the moment in which his grandfather passed on the legacy of his family, because he not passed on a recipe, but the hopeful and intrepid spirit of a man who gave everything he possibly could to his family. Since then, Davis decided to take a leap of faith and honor his grandfather’s heritage,beginning to dedicate himself to the world of table olives.With the help of his wife, friends, and some investment groups, they created Sicilia Village, a table olive mill processing Sicilian variety olive. Wine, vinegar, EVOO, garlic and Italian spices are added to these Sicilian Village olives and the result is an absolutely delightful product.

These exquisite seasoned Mediterranean olives not only give you a small taste of Italy in Texas, but can be eaten in space. This is because the olives seasoned with EVOO from Sicilian Village are served to astronauts whose journey from Earth to space is made that muchbetter by eating some of the finest table olives on the planet.